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Our Mission

The mission of Crossroads Photographic Workshops is to connect non-profit organizations with dedicated photographers, both professional and accomplished amateurs, in order to provide our partnering organizations with high quality imagery that can be used in support of their work.
Crossroads Photography workshops

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to offering a high quality and unique workshop experience through personalized instruction conducted in small groups, on-location, with professional photographers who are also accomplished and experienced teachers. We believe in helping you to use and improve your photographic talents; not only in support of our partner organizations, but as a creative skill that you can hone and develop to support your own favorite causes, whatever road your lives and travels may take.

We share our passion for teaching and photographing “on assignment” in a positive environment that fosters personal interactions, creative growth and professional development. We teach the skills needed to develop a shot list, interact with partners to assess their specific imagery needs, and work in a way that furthers the social, environmental and humanitarian efforts of our partners.

We show our commitment to the selected non-profit organizations through our no-strings-attached donation of images. We support and enhance the efforts of non-profit organizations through customized photography and image processing to ensure the highest quality, most useful imagery. We understand that our images may be used at the discretion of the non-profit organization, whether on their website, annual report, media presentations, or printed material.

We celebrate the fact that our images will be used to support a greater good.

Crossroads photography workshops

Who We Are

Brenda Berry, Ruth Connor and David Middleton first crossed paths in 2013 at a harbor side cafe on the Maine coast over a big pile of sweet potato fries and three heads full of ideas.

They soon discovered that each was at a professional and personal crossroads, each wondering how to put more meaning into their lives and work. Although still new to each other, they quickly learned that what they had in common was a deep desire to combine a love of photography, a dedication to inspired teaching, and a strong commitment to supporting environmental and humanitarian causes. Each had various non-profit organizations they wished to support, and each had unique yet complimentary backgrounds and professional abilities.

So as the fries dwindled, they scribbled things down on napkins and the ideas kept coming, until they finally wondered aloud, “what, if anything, can we make of these shared passions?”

What they made that fall day is Crossroads Photographic Workshops. Together they combine three complimentary interests into one growing passion- “to help you create the images that help others”.

David Middleton

David Middleton is a full-time professional photographer and writer. During his 30-year career, David has traveled extensively in the US and Canada and much of Central and South America, South Africa and Australia. His photography and writing have been featured in many magazines, books and calendars. David is a Contributing Editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine and a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens.

David has photographed and written 14 books including Ancient Forests, American Vision, The Photographer’s Guide series and The Nature of America, The Nature of Vermont, Quite a Sightly Place, Maine Coast Memories and The Lobstering Life.

Lately, David has been concentrating on philanthropic photography working with various national and international non-profit organizations including All About the Light, New Course in Uganda and Kenya, and the Vermont Land Trust.

David has lead more than 150 photography tours and taught more than 250 photography workshops across the country. He is a gifted and enthusiastic teacher who finds great joy helping others discover their creative potential. Every year he views and critiques thousands of images and helps hundreds of people wanting to improve their photography. David lives in the heart of the Green Mountains in southern Vermont.

David’s website

Brenda Berry

Brenda Berry is a professional photographer specializing in outdoor photography and environmental portraiture. Her work has been seen in books, galleries, magazines and on the web, most notably the book, The Lobstering Life which was produced in collaboration with David Middleton and published by W.W. Norton. Brenda also volunteers her professional skills to non-profit organizations to advance their causes. She has provided imagery to land trusts, affordable housing resource groups, local farms, historical societies as well as international groups including the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group, Padar Girls Academy in Uganda, Save the Children Bhutan, Carib-save, and Newcourse.

Brenda is also active in the non-profit sector. She serves on the board of three non-profit organizations, and is the current Board Chair of Newcourse – an international NGO working in the area of the environment and women’s issues. Newcourse is proud to be an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative – focusing on women, children and climate change.

Lastly, Brenda is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. She has taught photography workshops for the last several years with David Middleton through the Santa Fe Workshops, as well as private offerings. Brenda’s passion is to help others express themselves through photography and to use her talents to spread the many blessings of life.

Brenda’s website


Ruth Connor is a dedicated scientist with over 25 years of research experience in microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Ruth has written and published extensively on many aspects of HIV infection and AIDS, most recently among women and infants in sub-Saharan Africa. This work helped fuel her lifelong interest in issues affecting women and girls.

Ruth is also an active board member for the non-profit organization I-KODI, which seeks to improve education and healthcare in rural communities in western Kenya. Working with team members in the US and Kenya, she has helped raise awareness and funding for many community-based projects and has seen first hand the lasting impact that a small group of committed individuals can make within a community.

Ruth also has a passion for photography and a deep love of learning. She is an avid photographer and has spent many joyful hours photographing. She has faithfully taken her camera on travels around the globe and believes in the power of imagery and storytelling to bring about positive change. Ruth believes there are many others who share her passion and, working together, they will help fulfill the unique vision that is Crossroads. Ruth is the Director of Crossroads Photographic Workshops.

Our Partners

Crossroads is proud to work alongside such non-profit groups as the Vermont Land Trust, the Sitka Conservation Society, the Nature Conservancy, the Santa Fe Raptor Center and many others​. It is our dedicated partnership with non-profit organizations that sets Crossroads apart from other workshop companies and provides a clear purpose and goal for our photography. We actively seek out non-profit groups that are making significant contributions to help solve environmental, social and humanitarian problems. These groups often have an important message to convey, but may need help in generating high quality imagery that tells their story. In this way, participants in Crossroads Workshops can support the efforts of these worthy organizations by donating their images after each workshop.

If you would like to learn more about our photography workshops and non-profit partnerships, please contact us today.

Our 2015 Partners

Crossroads photography workshop partners