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2016 Before ya Know it!

          Now that REI has promised to stay closed on Thanksgiving, and even Nordstroms is holding off on the Christmas decor until after we pig out on turkey and pie, I am the only one left pushing you to think and plan ahead into 2016. Imagine your life beyond the gluttony of Thanksgiving, and even beyond the dark days of December. I am gently encouraging you to consider joining us on one of our many adventures in 2016. Doesn’t even have to be a New Years resolution – all you need to do for now is ask Santa for any new camera gear you may “need” and ponder where you might like to join us next year. If you need a note to the Santa in your life, let me know, it can be arranged!

Imagine yourself enjoying the first blush of Spring in Santa Fe New Mexico. This year we have new partners to work with and the ease and excitement of an on-site workshop at the Santa Fe Workshops main campus. Imagine yourself in early Summer, June to be precise, taking photos of rescue horses and protected woodlands. Then, imagine yourself wandering a salmon-filled stream or finding a humpback whale on the Sitka Sound! These are all possible, and we will in all likelihood have a few other offerings up our sleeve as well. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe so that you get all the news right into your inbox.

I know it has been a bit on the quiet side as Team Crossroads has been busy planning and pursuing post-workshop adventures. To make up for our virtual silence, we are offing you a matching game! Yep, a game with a prize no less! See if you can match the person to the project. The first person to get them all correct, or the 12th person to get most of them correct, will receive one-half of David’s dark chocolate stash at the next workshop you attend.

  1. Ruth Connor
  2. Brenda Berry
  3. David Middleton
  4. Rod Barbee
  5. Darin Reed

a. On safari in Tanzania…. we think…

b. Finishing a home remodeling project, almost…and always…

c. Making a horror film. True!

d. Sobbing hysterically over the Mets defeat.  Also, True.

d. Picking coffee in Nicaragua. Will be true in a few weeks….



Have fun and be well,

Team Crossroads



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