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What's up at Crossroads, the Blog Begins


Welcome to the Blog at Crossroads!

This is where we will keep you updated as to all that is happening with Team Crossroads – instructors, workshop participants, and our partners.  We will feature projects that are underway, so send us your news and images, your successes and frustrations so that we may all benefit.

The photos in this post are from a recent trip that Brenda Berry and David Middleton took on behalf of New Course; a non-profit that deals with women and threatened environments. We were in Kenya in the Maasai Wilderness area as part of an initiative supporting several women’s development groups who are incorporating solar lights (Luci Lights) both for economic and environmental benefit.  The women’s groups all set aside a small amount of savings allowing them to purchase the Luci lights which can be used in place of the traditional kerosene lanterns.

Surprisingly, many women in rural Kenya spend as much as a third of their small monthly incomes on the purchase of kerosene. The kerosene produces toxic fumes, does not generate much light, and often causes horrible accidental burns. In the areas using the solar lights there is also a reduction in the collection of firewood, which is sold in order to generate money to purchase kerosene. One of the women’s groups had already pooled their savings and purchased a couple of goats that will provide them with milk to drink or sell. All around, the Luci light program is a big success and the women and children were extremely enthusiastic about the program and the lights. David and I were thrilled to be able to support New Course in this important initiative.  Do not be concerned, Lillian’s little sister didn’t cry for long, and no – even though David looks beat up I never touched him.

Stay tuned for more news and images…


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