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Following Crossroads Home, by Sandy Z.

     Earlier this year, in the process of searching for a different and unique photography class in which to submerge myself, I began browsing the Santa Fe Workshop’s online catalog. It didn’t take long before I noticed a program titled Crossroads Santa Fe – Where Photography and Philanthropy Meet. My curiosity was captured along with a bit of anxiety.

Well, the date finally came, and I trusted that all my questions would be answered. Instructors David Middleton and Brenda Berry were at the reins, so I put all my trust in them. It turned out to be a good thing.

Over the course of the week we aligned with two super non-profits, Santa Fe Canyon Preserve and Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary. Twelve photographers experienced the process of assembling a shot list, executing and editing for story, then presenting the best of the best imagery to each of the non-profits. No strings attached. It was an eye-opening, self-satisfying, humbling experience sharing your own personal work to help these organizations.

“So if it felt so good why not do it once more?” And that is just what I did. After returning home, I inquired with a local conservation organization, Friends of Daley Ranch, to see how I could pay it forward. I found a dedicated team of volunteers who run an educational program for seventh-grade school children, introducing them to cultural history, area wildlife, fundamental nature, and outdoor opportunities such as hiking and exploring.

Using the techniques learned in Santa Fe, with a planned shot list in hand, I managed to get the ‘establishing, middle and detail’ images needed. I spent two half-days shooting and a few hours editing and preparing the material before I was ready to meet with the board and hand over 200 or so images – no strings attached. Once again, my heart felt the pride and satisfaction of contributing much needed imagery to another non-profit in need.

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