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Participant Spotlight - Jim Patterson

Welcome back to the Blog at Crossroads! This is the place where we will share news about team Crossroads and what we are up to – both on workshops, but more importantly, what we are all up to when we are busy in our “real lives”. We hope that the skills you are developing and refining during a Crossroads workshop will allow you to return to your communities and use your improved story telling talents to support good causes that you believe in.  David, Ruth, and I find your enthusiasm for this task inspiring, and by sharing your work we hope you will take continued inspiration from each other. Today we shine a tiny light on Jim Patterson.North Valley Relay for Life 12 April 2013 - 52
We met Prof Patterson this March in Santa Fe at our very first Crossroads workshop ever. Jim came to Crossroads already an avid and experienced photographer who understands the deep satisfaction of using his talents to support a good cause. This is a philosophy he enthusiastically shares with his students at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) in Phoenix, Arizona. Since completing the workshop, Jim has continued to photograph for non-profit organizations in the Phoenix area and recently completed a book and video project based on his ongoing work with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

“I have been photographing the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for the past four years. The images shown here were shot from 2011 to 2015 at the North Valley Relay for Life held at PVCC. Young and old, survivors and caregivers all gather to show support and raise money for cancer research. During the daylight hours, there is a lot of fun and laughing. Then all the lights are turned off and it is pitch black and the candle ceremony starts. People solemnly walk around the track holding candles in memory of a survivor or victim.” “I’d like to involve my students in upcoming projects, something that fits into the “service learning” concept that is popular at my college. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about their camera and get more practice photographing with a purpose. They’ll learn how to work with agencies, develop a shot list and present their final images. And they can feel good about themselves and what they’ve done. It’s also a great way to build a portfolio. and, they will be helping a good cause.”  J.P.

Keep up the good work Jim. And, all the rest of “y’all-all” – send us your news!  Let us know of your success as well as your frustrations. Ideally, we are creating a group of people who all understand the joy and satisfaction of using our creative talents to support causes we believe in. Maybe we can help each other out. Who knows, maybe one day you will find the spot light on you! Keep us posted, and check in here for upcoming news.
Team Crossroads
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