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What is the "Why" of Crossroads?

HobblebushSeveral weeks ago Brenda recommended a book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Not quite a beach read, but well worth exploring. It’s based on the simple yet brilliant idea that leaders consider their mission from the inside-out. In other words, consider not what they do, but why they do it.

Which got me thinking, what is the “Why” of Crossroads?

Easy enough. To photograph with a purpose and help support the important work of non-profit causes. End of story.

Ah, not so fast. There is another aspect to the Why of Crossroads that is less obvious, but just as critical. Aside from the dubious appeal of watching David forage for chocolate, it is in fact the dedicated and intrepid photographers who voluntarily choose to spend time with us.

As it happens, the “Why” of our participants often has everything and nothing to do with photography. For many, it is the desire to do something meaningful with their images, to use their talent and passion for photography to give back. For others, it is the need to take on a new challenge, learn a new skill, grow personally and perhaps acquire a renewed sense of purpose.

Sometimes, the “Why” of our participants coincides with the ending of one phase of life and beginning another. Often the path forward feels unsure and this kind of workshop strikes a deep chord. The Why can be as simple as learning a new way to tell a story in images and as complex as finding your way through a major life change.

In the end, the Why of Crossroads is much more than taking images that make a difference. It is the infinitely larger question of Why. Why we choose to take one path and not another. Why we search for new ways to bring meaning into our lives.

For the brave souls who joiSunderlandSwampVTn us in Santa Fe or Vermont or Sitka or wherever we turn up next, the Why is often personal, sometimes still forming, yet always meaningful.

Why did you choose to take a Crossroads workshop?

Share your thoughts and include a few of your best images from one our workshops or a personal project with a local non-profit group. We’re happy to post it here as part of our Participant Spotlight.

If you haven’t taken a workshop yet, take the plunge and join us!

Hope to see you soon!


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