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Forest Fall, Tongass National Forest

Recap Crossroads Sitka, 2015

  Crossroads Sitka was a really great workshop experience for leaders and participants combined. We had a very good group of photographers who enthusiastically embraced the essence of a Crossroads workshop and plunged in with wonderful energy on the shooting list scavenger hunt that we all developed and reviewed every day. Plus, as an added bonus, … More >>

Sitka AK, Harbor sunset

Surviving the Image Review - How to Get Your Best Shot

  While reviewing images that have been submitted during our Crossroads workshops I have noticed some recurring issues. In general, the purpose and intent of the photos is clear – meaning you are doing a very good job of going after the needed shots. However, while it seems that everyone agrees on intent, there are … More >>

Walking a New Path

What is the "Why" of Crossroads?

Several weeks ago Brenda recommended a book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Not quite a beach read, but well worth exploring. It’s based on the simple yet brilliant idea that leaders consider their mission from the inside-out. In other words, consider not what they do, but why they do it. Which got me … More >>

Lobstering gear, Monhegan Island, Maine.

Shot Lists 101

One of the things we focus on when teaching a Crossroads workshop is an invaluable skill known as, “developing a shot list”. Acquiring this skill goes beyond what can be taught in a typical photo workshop where the majority of time is spent chasing beautiful single images. Our job as we see it, is to … More >>

Recap Crossroads Vermont, 2015

  The Crossroads Vermont workshop is complete and what a great workshop it was!!! Any workshop is exactly as good as the people who come to learn and stretch and experience a new area and we were blessed to have a wonderful group of inquisitive and very talented photographers. Crossroads workshops are all about learning … More >>

Relay for Life

Participant Spotlight - Jim Patterson

Welcome back to the Blog at Crossroads! This is the place where we will share news about team Crossroads and what we are up to – both on workshops, but more importantly, what we are all up to when we are busy in our “real lives”. We hope that the skills you are developing and … More >>

Lillian, Maasai girl, Kenya

What's up at Crossroads, the Blog Begins

Welcome to the Blog at Crossroads! This is where we will keep you updated as to all that is happening with Team Crossroads – instructors, workshop participants, and our partners.  We will feature projects that are underway, so send us your news and images, your successes and frustrations so that we may all benefit. The … More >>