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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Crossroads Workshops different from other photography workshops?

Crossroads Workshops are conducted as on-location photo shoots. Workshop participants and instructors are the professional team; the partner non-profit organizations are the clients; and the job is to get the images the client needs. Working together, we will create a shooting list, make image assignments and do a class edit of images, all the while teaching participants the necessary photography techniques.

What will a typical day be like?

You can expect a full day of photography. On a typical day, we will meet in the classroom to discuss the day’s assignments and go over the needed techniques. We will then go to our locations to photograph. Later in the day we will meet again to edit the images, selecting those that best fit our purposes and planning for the next day.

How skilled a photographer do I need to be?

Participants should be completely familiar with their camera and be able to take in-focus, well-composed images with a variety of lenses. Participants should also be able to efficiently download, sort and edit their images using appropriate image processing software. This is not a workshop for beginners or for photographers who are unsure of their photography. We will not be teaching basic camera handling, metering, focusing or composition.

Who takes a Crossroads Workshop?

Crossroads Workshops are best suited for dedicated amateurs or semi-professional photographers looking to engage the world and their photography in a new way.

Perhaps, like us, your life is at a crossroads – retirement, a newly empty nest, a career change – or perhaps you are simply collecting great shots that live only on your computer, never getting seen or used. Perhaps you want to learn how photographers approach an assignment and collect a cohesive set of images rather than random greatest hits? Perhaps you want to use your talents to give back to a worthy cause and feel ready to challenge your abilities? Maybe, it is a bit of all of the above.

You should already be familiar with all your gear, and comfortable with composition, exposure, and focus. This approach will allow us to concentrate on teaching, working with our partners, learning to edit effectively and the thought processes of a professional photographer shooting on assignment. If you have any questions about your readiness, please read through the FAQ’s and feel free to contact us! If you have been shooting for a while, know your way around your camera and are looking to take your work to the next level, please consider joining us – we guarantee it will be a fulfilling experience!

Can my images be used commercially or just by the non-profit organizations?

Images donated to the non-profit organizations will be used only by those organizations.

Will I be credited if my photographs are used?

The use of your images will be determined by the non-profit organization. Crossroads will provide the organization with participant names for all donated images, but it is up to the organization to decide if a photo credit is given. We can’t guarantee a credit line will be given if one of your images is used.

Is there a guarantee that my images will be used or published?

As with any professional photography assignment, there is no guarantee that your images will be used or published. Our goal is to provide our non-profits partners with a portfolio of high quality images, which will include photographs from all workshop participants. It is then up to the non-profit organization to decide which images to use or publish.

Can I still use or sell my images?

Yes, you can still use or sell any of your images at your discretion.

Do I retain the rights?

Yes, you retain rights to your images. Images you chose to donate to the non-profit will have shared rights between you and the organization. This means you retain the right to use any of your images, but you give up the right to control how the non-profit chooses to use the images you donate.

Is there required equipment?

Yes. In addition to your camera, participants are expected to bring a normal selection of photography gear. This generally includes wide-angle to short telephoto lenses, a sturdy tripod, a laptop computer with a good image processing program and the usual assortment of camera accessories. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about what gear to bring.

Will there still be instruction?

Yes! One of the main features of a Crossroads Workshop is detailed, professional instruction provided to all participants. Each day we will discuss the necessary shots and how to get them. Also, when we are in the field, instructors will always be present and available to help refine your technique and to answer any questions you may have to ensure a successful shoot.

Will the workshop be fun?

Yes! Like any professional assignment, it will be challenging at times, but it will also be fun. If you have taken a workshop with Brenda and David before you know they consider having fun on a workshop to be a necessary requirement.

Will the locations be safe?

Yes, all Crossroads Workshops are safe. We can’t anticipate acts of god or sudden loss of chocolate but we won’t knowingly take anyone into a place we wouldn’t take ourselves.

What does the cost of the workshop cover?

The cost of the workshop covers instruction and the day-to-day operation of the workshop. Meals, lodging and transportation are generally not covered in the cost. More information on the pricing and packages available for a specific Crossroads Workshop can be found on Santa Fe Photographic Workshops’ site at Crossroads Philanthropy Programs.

How do I register for a Crossroads Workshop?

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops handles registration for all Crossroads Workshops. You can register on their site at Crossroads Philanthropy Programs or by calling (505) 983-1400. For more information, call the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops general information number (505) 983-1400 x 111 or Contact Us.