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Sitka, Alaska: August 8-14, 2017

SOLD OUT: Contact Santa Fe Workshops to get on the waiting list.

Come up to Sitka, Alaska where the scale of everything is grand and life still moves to the rhythm of seasons and tides. Glacier carved Mountains plummet into the deep cold waters of Sitka Sound where humpbacks, orcas, sea otters and puffins  abound. Herring, salmon and halibut call these waters home. Life here is intimately linked to tides, weather, forests and fisheries.

The abundance of nature has led to a heavy human grip upon the land as logging, mining and fishing have altered and in places diminished the area’s natural richness. Today there is a growing effort to heal these wounds as people work to reestablish the natural connections to the wild heart of Alaska and move toward a sustainable future for all.

Salmon gather upstream in the Indian River

This is a place where salmon return to the creeks and rivers of their birth as they have for thousands and thousands of years. Each salmon represents a small part of the magic of Nature’s life force; struggling against tremendous odds to make it home to the waters of Sitka. Each salmon using the last of it’s energy to battle upstream; jumping falls and avoiding predators, hoping to mate, to spawn, then to die and nourish the very forest from whence it came. Each fish struggling to launch the next generation of salmon who will continue this ancient cycle of life. Sitka is a place where you can witness firsthand the interdependent dance of the old growth forest, the return of the salmon, the bears and berries, the eagles and the people. Look up and you will see dark spruce and cedar cleaving the clouds as the forests exhale great banks of fog. Look down into the depths where humpbacks roam. This is a place where humans still live by the grace of Mother Nature, holding on to the wave washed edge of a continent a country away.

Sitka, Alaska is on Baranof Island –  on the northwest edge of the Tongass National Forest which is the largest temperate rainforest in the world.

Fisherman at work

Fisherman at work

Most important to us, Sitka is home to three busy working harbors, countless salmon streams, humpback whales and plodding bear, glacier-carved mountains with tumbling waterfalls, soaring bald eagles and a magical, mist-shrouded forest where ancient totem poles seem to come alive and whisper in the twilight.

We are very proud to be working with the Sitka Conservation Society once again in 2017. The Sitka Conservation Society has worked since 1967 to protect the old-growth forests and the wild salmon of the Tongass; working toward a more connected and sustainable future for both the wildlife and people who call the Tongass home.

Second Growth

Second growth in the Tongass Forest


We think the magnificent Tongass temperate rainforest, and all the creatures that depend upon it’s continued health, is an important part of our shared natural heritage that is well worth protecting! Your images will help to support this important mission.  Come join us in Sitka and use your creative talents to help tell this incredible story.

“It’s been a month since the course and I am still blown away by the experience.”
Betsy Schwammberger, Team Crossroads-Sitka

Our trip to Sitka was the highlight of our 2016 season and sold out quickly. We experienced the salmon run in the Indian River, crystal clear streams, magnificent old growth forest, totems, whales and much more.

” We really really like working with you and this summer’s Crossroads project was really great!  The combination of being able to integrate a whole new cadre of people into our work and introduce them to the issues that we are working on for conservation and sustainability is really valuable for us and then all the photos and insights that come out of the work of your group gives us some terrific visual assets that we can use to engage even more people.”

– Andrew Thoms, Executive Director Sitka Conservation Society

Looking ahead to 2017, we are planning another very special workshop in Sitka that promises to bring more opportunities to photograph in partnership with the Sitka Conservation Society. It is important work and they are thrilled with the images donated by the Crossroads team. This workshop sold out last year so if you can join us in 2017, let us know asap.

For more information, check our Blog for images and a recap of the 2016 Sitka workshop.

Humpback Whale, Sitka Sound participant photo 2015





Sitka, Alaska: August 8-14, 2017

Instructors: David Middleton and Rod Barbee

(SOLD OUT: Contact Santa Fe Workshops to get on the waiting list.)

Package includes tuition, field and class room editing sessions, private small boat excursion to explore Sitka Sound with Paul Davies of Gallant Adventures, as well as entrance fees to the Sitka Raptor Center, and a private reception with the Sitka Conservation Society.

Transportation, meals, and lodging are the responsibility of the participant.​

For this workshop we have a block of very affordable rooms reserved at the Sitka Fine Arts Campus. The Fine Arts Campus is centrally located, and is where we will hold all of our class meetings.

More details about this workshop, as well as travel information can be found in this downloadable/printable PDF.


During this 7-day workshop in Sitka, we will be working with the Sitka Conservation Society, photographing in areas they are working to protect; the Tongass rain forest, local salmon streams, historic totem park, Sitka Sound and several working harbors.

How Do I Register For A Crossroads Workshop?

Registration for this 2017 workshop will be opening SOON! Stay tuned for more details!

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops handles registration for all Crossroads Workshops. You can register on their site at Crossroads Alaska: Where Photography and Philanthropy Meet or by calling (505) 983-1400. More information can be found by checking our FAQs, by calling the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops general information number (505) 983-1400 x 111 or Contact Us. You can email Brenda Berry directly at for more information about this workshop.



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